About Us

A curated space showcasing our love
for beautiful, hand-crafted pieces

About Us
Studio Colectiva was started in 2016 in Playa Santa Teresa. Inspired by life in Costa Rica, we wanted to create a special, curated space showcasing our love for beautiful, hand-crafted pieces. We seek out non-mainstream labels and support both emerging and established artists who create with essence. We offer limited quantities of each garment, promoting uniqueness and reducing waste in the process.
Inspired by
life in Costa Rica
Meet Our Founder
Kristin Louise

Our founder, Kristin, was born and raised in upstate NY. She has loved creating since she was a little girl, making clothes on her grandma’s vintage Singer machine, during long summer days. Those summer days invoked a passion in her and she has been creating ever since.

Kristin graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with a degree in fashion design. She went on to work for a couple of private label designers, as well as a small, corporate label company. She eventually found herself very disillusioned with the corporate fashion world, and this led her to a slow-down in life.

In 2007, she moved to Costa Rica in pursuit of new interests, a simpler living. Costa Rica renewed her creativity while it brought her freedom. With abundance in nature, culture and beauty, it has given her inspiration to once again create like those nostalgic summer days at grandma’s.

NY will forever be in her heart - the place where her passion for art and clothing was born. But home now is Costa Rica, where she lives under the sun with her beautiful family and friends, creating and collecting beautiful pieces along the way.

meet the team


Alejandra Campos
Alejandra is from Costa Rica, who studied Photography and Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica (UCR). Her passion is printmaking and all forms of stamping. She also loves to work with children and is the art teacher for one of the local schools, where she stays connected to her creativity while inspiring new generations to come.
Angelica Campos
Angelica is from Costa Rica, with professional studies in advertising. She is a creative soul passionate about biomagnetism, health and integral wellness. She also hand-dyes and prints for her small-batch clothing project, Uttu.

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