Textiles and home goods made from natural fibers, hand-crafted by indigenous artisans in Mexico. Hand-woven on traditional pedal-looms, dyed with natural plants and flowers from the region.

Oaxaca / Mexico

Home and kitchen design pieces made from locally, sustainably sourced woods in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

A Guatemalan based lifestyle brand focusing on local craftsmanship and contemporary design.They work in collaboration with master artisans across Guatemala to create functional and multipurpose objects. They stand strong on their belief to make ethical products that create no harm to anyone or thing during the process. Hence the name, “Nada Duele”, which means “Nothing hurts” in Spanish.

Sacatepéquez / Guatemala

Na Nin curates and designs products for more than just a moment, evoking nostalgia to celebrate your present and enrich your future. All hand-blended fragrances are made from (depending on product) essential oils, premium fragrances, soy wax, fragrance oils carried in perfumer’s alcohol, distilled water and fractionated coconut oil.

Richmond / Virginia

We source and produce locally made goods from all over Nicaragua, made by artisans using hand-crafted traditions. 100% cotton hammocks crocheted by hand, throws and blankets made by a small family on traditional, wooden hand-looms, as well as red-clay ceramics and straw baskets.

Granada, Masaya, Leon / Nicaragua

Ceramics made by Costa Rican artist Viviana Araya, with a focus on keeping our oceans clean and plastic free. “Más peces menos plástico” is more than just a tagline, but is her commitment to the environment. All of her pieces are original with a playful, but meaningful message.

San Jose / Costa Rica

Minimal style ceramics by Costa Rican artist Pia Paulsen, made from locally extracted clay. Pia plays with classic yet minimal shapes that are timeless.

San Jose / Costa Rica

100% Costa Rican honeys, pure and raw.

San Jose / Costa Rica

Hand poured candles in customized shapes and colors to light up any room.

Los Angeles / California

A home collection created by designer Kim Ficaro. Objects to light up, to pause, to celebrate. All ceramics, textiles and brassware are crafted by local artisans of each product's origin.

Oaxaca, Mexico / Portugal / Morocco

Treasures found on our travels.