Jewelry + Accessories

With a love for antique jewelry and all things unorthodox, this is the foundation of her jewelry brand. All pieces are designed and produced by hand. Britt uses silver, brass, gold and precious stones. 

Brooklyn / NY

Since 1979, Le Specs has become renowned globally for its iconic and innovative sunglass collections. With a reputation as the ultimate summer accessory, Le Specs developed an international cult following and has become a true trendsetter in the global fashion market.

Sydney / Australia

Luiny is a jewelry line created by self-taught designer Luiny Rivera, a Puerto Rican native. The brand invokes an organic design process that is inspired by a variety of forms, ornaments, and textures that are connected to her travels and lifestyle. She creates contemporary metal jewelry pieces that are both sculptural and wearable.

Brooklyn / NY

Pronounced meer-wife, its name is derived  from an Old English word for sea witch. Merewif is a collection of handmade jewelry, taking a strong influence from the alchemistic elements of the sea. Every piece is designed by Savannah in her hometown on the Southeast coast of North Carolina. 

North Carolina

Jewelry line created by Costa Rican artist, Julia de Souza.

A slow fashion business model in jewelry means not having big stocks of jewelry, nor overusing resources that will end up in mass sales. Most pieces are made to order, giving to the world only what it needs. All pieces are designed by Julia, cast in Chinatown, NY in a small scale workshop, and finished in her studio. All stones are sourced from small dealers all around the world.

New York / NY

Standing for the original french verb, Souvenir, the brand represents a physical of a traveled journey, a piece of remembrance small enough to bring home, and bring it with you to your place of origin. With sustainably manufactured practices, SVNR creates aesthetic, hand-made jewelry and hand-dyed silk pieces from recycled, natural materials.

Brooklyn / NY

Hand-made beaded jewelry made by Amaya Algosaibi-Jones using real stones and shells.

Santa Teresa / Costa Rica