Art + Leisure

Alejandra is a Costa Rican artist who studied Photography and Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica (UCR). Her passion is printmaking and all forms of stamping. She also loves to work with children and is the art teacher for the local school.

San Jose / Costa Rica

Allegra is a Costa Rican artist who studied Photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and as well has her Masters in Fine Arts from the Wimbledon College of Art / University of Arts of London, United Kingdom. She is a visual artist, photographer, film director and a dedicated traveler. Her exhibitions span from Japan to Europe and America. Allegra works in a variety of mediums, with her work predominantly painting and photography, but often expanding into ceramics, sculpture and installation, and most recently documentary film.

Pacheco’s work has been shown internationally both in Museum and solo settings, most recently a solo exhibition in the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo in Costa Rica.

San Jose / Costa Rica

Andres is a Costa Rican artist who studied Architecture and Painting at the University of Costa Rica (UCR). He now experiments with different media such as drawing, engravings, sketches, sculptures, photography, audiovisual production and sculptures. He now resides in Mexico City and his most recent work is the playful, erotic character whom he uses to depict sexuality as a game.

San Jose / Costa Rica

The coolest rolling papers on planet earth. Field Trip is an NYC based, female founded company specializing in organic and sustainable rolling paper manufacturing.

New York / NY

Pursuits Studio is a personal creative practice led by ceramic artist April Brimer. April’s personal designs draw inspiration from nature’s oddities, timeless design, and nostalgic memories.

Portland / Oregon

Proudly constructed in small batches in Northern California, USA.
Designed by the ritual of connection with nature, their pieces are built from the Earth itself.
Sustainability, function and form are equivalent to them, and they do not settle for less.
Summerland stands by a simple principle: Made from Earth, by hand, in California. So sink back into your hammock and breathe deep, friend.

San Francisco / California